Aretha Franklin is about to knock heads with Patti LaBelle. Ms Franklin has announced that she’s entering the frozen, prepared foods industry. Oxtails over rice in your grocer’s freezer section might be coming soon.

Natural Allah and Jennifer Zaskorski are opening Soul University Place in Tacoma. They’re aiming for an upscale clientele with a $15 meatloaf plate and a $13 pulled pork sandwich.

Jan Whitaker looks at old racist restaurants like Ollie’s Barbecue in Birmingham, and Piggie Park Drive-In in South Carolina. It wasn’t long ago that Jim Crow laws forbade Black diners from eating in southern restaurants. I used to eat at Ollie’s when I was a teenager in Birmingham. Their barbecue was forgettable but the building was a stunner. Ollie McClung was forced to allow Black diners to enjoy sit-down service on December 14th, 1964. Previously they had been allowed to get take-out. Oddly the waitresses at Ollie’s were almost all Black and spoke highly of Mr Mcclung.

Dethroning The Deceitful Pork Chop is a book we’d love to review at Scrumptious Chef if for the title alone.

There are few things that warm our cockles like seeing a mom and pop soul food restaurant open up in a former Subway sandwich shop. Daddy’s Soul Food in Milwaukee has done just that. Chef/owner Bennie Smith’s daddy was a raging, fist-fighting alcoholic. Smith’s restaurant is an homage to the good fathers of this world.

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