Is it wrong of me to love another man’s wife? I love Marcelle Bienvenu but not in a steamy, forbidden, storm-tossed way. I love her the way I love Clementine Paddleford another woman of letters of whom I often dream.

Now Marcelle is gone.

Yesterday there was not a dry eye in the New Orleans world of culinary arts as Ms Bienvenu bade farewell to her tens of thousands of adorants.

I had been reading her since I was a young punk back in the 80s visiting New Orleans with my parents. Reading the daily newspaper of whatever town I’m visiting or living in is one of my great pleasures. I read the Times Pic and the Advocate seven days a week.

When I was a kid, I waited patiently for my grandpa to finish the Knoxville News Sentinel so I could take a crack at it. Ink runs through my blood.

Whither goest Marcelle Bienvenu? Was she axed by the accountants at Advance Media, the parent of the Times Pic?

“As most of you realize, there are major changes going on in journalism today, including a big change for me. This is my final regular column | The Times-Picayune.”

After reading the above, one imagines that’s exactly the case. Farewell Marcelle, you are one of Louisiana’s greatest treasures.

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