A Recipe For Louisiana Soul Food Cabbage

A Recipe For Louisiana Soul Food Cabbage

We have plenty cabbage recipes in our repertoire but none has received the love accorded our old-school Louisiana soul food cabbage formula.

It could not be easier. A fine young head of cabbage, a bunch of green onions, bacon, pork stock, Maggi, and salt and pepper is all it takes to transform the head into a luscious, silken mess of greens.

1 each cabbage, head, roughly chopped,
2 bunches, onion, green, chopped
1 quart stock, pork
1 lb bacon, cooked til crisp (reserve fat)
Maggi, Chicken bouillon, 2 cubes
salt and pepper

* Get big cast-iron kettle good and hot with bacon fat
* Fry green onions til caramelized
* Add cabbage, fry for 5 minutes
* Add pork stock, bring to boil with Maggi cubes, reduce to simmer
* Cook til cabbage is soft and supple and yielding
* Add crispy bacon
* Serve over rice

Cooking Notes
Don’t remove the inner core of the cabbage and toss it like so many wasteful cooks. Chop it right alongside the rest of the head
Maggi Bouillon cubes are little umami bombs but they do not replace handmade stock
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