We just pulled a big, nearly 11lb pork belly out of the cure yesterday. It’s smoked and ready for the slicer. Half of this belly was done in an experimental fashion that we’ll be reporting on later this week.

Michael Sullivan, “The Reverend of Fat” formerly of Blackberry Farm, and Marco Pauvert of Four Seasons Baltimore teamed up to host a “Cure Camp” in Nashville recently. The two butchers held forth at a seminar teaching the ins and outs of charcuterie including the vanishing art of seam butchery.

Eating a wild bear nearly killed a man. in USA recently. Trichinellosis has nearly been stamped out of our food supply. Remember when people thought you couldn’t eat a medium rare pork chop?

Chef Matthew Secich, x-Charlie Trotter’s, operates in a niche within a niche: Amish charcuterie

Cigarette smoking in a restaurant? Matt Wake clutches his pearls but still finds a solid country breakfast with a full roster of charcuterie to go with the eggs at Kim’s Diner in Huntsville Alabama

Sam Suchoff of Lady Edison Country Hams in North Carolina is using meticulously raised, heritage breed hogs in his charcuterie work. He has 18,000 pounds of country ham hanging at Johnston County Hams in Smithfield.

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