9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

I finally wrangled an engineer who’s working on the 9th Ward street improvement project into a conversation. Over breakfast at Joe Frady’s old joint the gentleman was forthcoming as to why some of the new streets are concrete while others are blacktop.

It all has to do with how the street was originally paved. If the street was asphalt, then asphalt will be the new surface. If the street was concrete, then the new surface will be concrete. That’s why France Street (pictured) looks like a roadway in a modern American city and that is why Galvez (fresh blacktop) looks like a roadway in a third world country.

Dauphine Street is in the crosshairs of the crew that is crisscrossing the Bywater right now. It’s surface of the moon-look will be changing in the next few months.

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