You know it had to tear the guts out of Eater NOLA to pen an article about New Orleans craft beer scene. But lo and behold that’s just what they did. Well, poached a Todd Price article would be more accurate. Brieux Carre, a new micro-brewery hopes to open in 2017 on Decatur Street. We know Rob Bostick, the owner and if you attended NOLA on tap last year you may have tried one of his beers. Bostick lives craft beer and we can’t wait to drink more of his stout.

This Week In Craft Beer News

This Week In Craft Beer News

A rare beer from deep within the cellar of Saint Arnold Brewery will be on tap at Tamale House East on Saturday February 27th 2016. Divine Reserve, Bishop’s Barrel, perhaps a dusty old cask filled with high gravity ale? Details to come.

Are you a homebrewer trying to hit the big time? Alabev is having a beer shootout.

“Kentucky is known for bourbon, weed and fried chicken.” And craft beer.

Ouachita Brewing Co is preparing to open in Louisiana

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