Raymond Tatum's Three Little Pigs

Raymond Tatum’s Three Little Pigs

A few short months before I took this photo of Raymond Tatum-one of the best fine-dining chefs in Austin, Texas-a group of men gathered in a home in Central Austin to form Texas’ first (and only) Txoko. A Txoko is a centuries-old tradition from the Basque country wherein men gather to prepare a meal fueled by wine, beer and other trappings associated with gustatory pleasures.

Sam Hovland, of East End Wines was on hand and he announced the company’s plan to have a food truck in the concern’s parking lot. I had recently spoken with chef Tatum and he was in the formative stages of launching a mobile kitchen dedicated to cooking hogs from nose to tail. An alliance was born.

The result? Three Little Pigs launched and quickly became known as the best food truck in a city with over a thousand such operations.

Three Little Pigs Wins Food Trailer Of The Year

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