The Gambit published a piss-poor soul food guide for New Orleans. With dozens of options for soul food lovers in our city how did they manage to only vector in on three? To be fair Li’l Dizzys is one of our favorite restaurants in New Orleans but surely the Gambit’s writers could have ventured off Esplanade Avenue long enough to find a few less publicized neighborhood joints.

If you travel to Houston, Texas Kreole Soul is out on the streets in the region. Chef Bradley Lewis’ family is from Louisiana and he’s devoted his menu to foods from our state.

Roy Choi has teamed up with Daniel Patterson to open a fast-soul-food restaurant LocoL in Watts, the famous Los Angeles neighborhood. Those ‘foldies’ are what we always called tacos mas dorados.

Nubian Queen Lola is one of the few cooks in Austin, Texas putting out Louisiana-style soul food with even a whiff of authenticity. We love this woman, and she makes a pan-fried pork chop that is one for the ages. The Queen recently received a brand-new bus from Tyson Foods that she will use to transport hot foods for disadvantaged folks.

North Carolina soul food cook Hanan Shabazz hobnobbed with Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown, and Huey Newton in the New York of the 60s. In the 1970s she ran Shabazz Soul Food in Asheville before working in a succession of kitchens around town. Now she’s the head chef at Green Opportunities’ Kitchen Ready program where she hopes to achieve “social justice through food”

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