West End BBQ in Taylor Texas

West End BBQ in Taylor Texas

There are plenty things I miss about Texas. While New Orleans has the best, most diverse food scene in the US, central Texas has us beat in two of the most prime categories: barbecue and Tex Mex.

West End BBQ is the knock-kneed little sister of Taylor’s much vaunted barbecue scene but they still manage to put out brisket of a quality that’s nearly impossible to find in the Crescent City.

$9.50 will get you a full pound of smoked steer meat, and they throw in plenty Wonder Bread, pickles, onions and sauce.

My Taylor, Texas power ratings:

1) Taylor Cafe (Bohunk sausage)
2) Davis Grocery (Pork Spare ribs)
3) Louie Mueller (Black and fatty brisket)
4) West End BBQ (Cheap brisket)

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