Gnarly Barley is coming to Black Label Icehouse (3000 Dryades) on Sat Jan 23 2016. Meet the brewer, eat Texas Red chili cooked with the Hammond brewery’s beer, listen to DJ Rocky Block (Detroit) spin fat slabs of old New Orleans vinyl, and drink a special Hazelnut Chocolate Korova Milk Porter. 4-7 pm RSVP

Louisiana Craft Beer

Louisiana Craft Beer

Christopher Barnes looks at Belgian beer label iconography

Is New Glarus Worth A Trip To Wisconsin?

Pint House Pizza in Austin, Texas is hosting a “Battle of the IPAs” tomorrow, Jan 19th 2016. Ballast Point faces off with Hops and Grain, Pint House and Boulevard. 4236 South Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas.

How did we not find out about the collaboration between Three Floyds and Cannibal Corpse?

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