It’s no secret that Bourgeois Meat Market is the best charcuterie house in Thibodaux Louisiana. The family business sources all their meat from a slaughterhouse in Opelousas and has been in operation for nearly 100 years.

Sodium Nitrite is as an essential part of our kitchen as salt and pepper. We integrate it into all of our cured and preserved foods and can’t imagine life without it. If you see a product called “uncured bacon” in your market’s refrigerator case please be aware that it is in no way, shape, or form actual bacon.

Handmade Sausage From The Scrumptious Chef Test Kitchen

Handmade Sausage From The Scrumptious Chef Test Kitchen

McAllen Texas sits near the foot of the Lone Star state and has never exactly been a charcuterie hotbed. That’s about to change. Bodega Tavern and Kitchen is now open and has a large cured meat chamber that the public can gaze upon while waiting to feast.

Five Myths About Bacon

Teet’s Food Store in Ville Platte, Louisiana has been smoking meats and creating charcuterie since 1955. It’s on our master list of boudin houses out on the western prairies that we have yet to try.

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