Last week we ran by Wayward Owl, a new brewery from former Black Raven (Redmond, WA) brewer Justin Boswell. The project is running at a nice clip after an interminable delay The business is located in the former Gem Theater, an historic movie house that is absolutely stunning

I Think About Beer is one of our favorite websites. The blog concerns itself with European beers, primarily Belgian, but in this report the author tackles Stift Engelszell’s Nivard, a patersbier from the only Trappist brewery in Austria.

INBEV is having trouble out of their Goose Island brand’s Bourbon County series. Folks go on queue when these beers are released and happily pay $25 or more for a 4 pack of the brand’s output. It’s been years since we tried any Goose Island beers but would love to hear from anyone who has after the INBEV buyout.

Jester King is going into the farming business. They just bought 58 acres of farmland near Austin, Texas.

Bell’s up in Michigan is one of the best breweries in USA. Whenever we travel to that region we load up a few cases of their beer in the old Econoline and truck it home to Louisiana where we lord it over our Bell’s-free cohorts. Back in 2012 the Comstock MI group bought some wooden fermentation tanks that had been in storage for over a half century; the tanks had belonged to Stroh’s. Now Bell’s has released the first beer matured in these old wooden vessels. If you like beer with a backstory it doesn’t get much better than this.

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