5 years ago today I was wrapping up spending eighteen hours stranded in a snowstorm in Northeast Alabama.

It came out of nowhere.

Pat James Full Moon Barbecue In Birmingham, Alabama

Pat James Full Moon Barbecue In Birmingham, Alabama

I was heading back to Texas and motoring good and hard southerly out of Chattanooga when the first flakes started to fall. Wintertime in that part of the world can be tricky with sunny, reasonably warm days and brutal, Arctic conditions at night. Around 9pm I-59 had become impassable so I pulled off the freeway at an anonymous gas station near Sand Mountain, Alabama.

The snow fell all night.

My old Econoline van saved my ass.

By 7 the next morning a foot of fluffy white snow had covered the service station where I was hunkered down. Country folks on 4 wheelers were having a ball but I was fast getting bored and running low on Grippos potato chips and cold baloney.

Public works went after 59 highway like men fighting fires and I wheeled into Birmingham before the sun went down; where I headed straight to Full Moon Barbecue.

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