White's Billiards In Corbin, Kentucky

White’s Billiards In Corbin, Kentucky

I’ve written extensively about the Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail which runs from the Tennessee border north and east along the I-75 corridor in the Bluegrass State before eventually petering out around Lexington.

A chili bun, for the uninitiated, is a hotdog bun stuffed with ground beef-based chili, chopped white onions and ballpark mustard (preferably Plochman’s). Side dishes for this delicacy are Grippos potato chips and ice cold Pepsi Cola. While Lay’s and Coca Cola are popular nationwide, neither of these concern has made serious inroads in Kentucky.

5 years ago today I was standing in the frozen parking lot of White’s Billiards in Corbin, Kentucky. I was on one of my routine eating expeditions where I would pilot my old Econoline van around Knox, Laurel and Whitley counties, plumbing all the quick marts, pool halls and diners for their distinct chili bun recipes.

White’s Billiards is rooted in my number 2 position on my chili bun rankings.

The Art And Science Of Chili

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