Gnarly Barley Brewing will be at Black Label Icehouse in New Orleans Central City on Saturday January 23rd 2016. A rare beer from their roster will be on offer and you’ll be able to meet the brewer, hang out, talk shop, eat Texas barbecue drink cold beer and play some shuffleboard. Black Label will be serving from a big pot of Texas chili made with Gnarley Barley beer. 3000 Dryades.

New Orleans Beer Drinking Man

New Orleans Beer Drinking Man

Cahaba Brewing is preparing to open a brewhouse in the Avondale neighborhood in Birmingham. They dropped $2 million dollars on the project.

504 Craft Beer Reserve is preparing to open in New Orleans on Tulane Avenue. per Nora McGunnigle.

Charlie Papazian has abdicated his throne at the Brewer’s Association. 37 year run y’all

Jason Freed, formerly of Hops n Grain, one of the best breweries in the US, has joined the team at Zilker Brewing in Austin, Texas. Freed is a prodigy and makes some of the best IPAs this scribe has ever tasted.

Austin Texas is throwing a week-long tribute to lost legend Steve Anderson. Steve died young late in 2015. Here’s our tribute

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