Come New Year’s morning we’ll be rousing slowly and in need of sustenance to get us through a full day spent in the backyard tending to our old smoker.

Our 14 year old Weber will be loaded down with fresh pork sourced from Jeanfreau’s Market out in Chalmette, Louisiana; if we’re feeling extra sporty we’ll also run by Tag’s Deli, also in St Bernard Parish, and just as good of a butchery.

Dreaming Of The Chili Queens Of San Antonio

Dreaming Of The Chili Queens Of San Antonio

After multiple bottle of Gruet Brut drank the night before we’ll be running on autopilot but we’ve done it a thousand times and see no need of changing our debauched ways at this late date.

We love Blackeye peas and we love them even more when we give them the Hoppin John treatment if you’re an ambitious cook who’s not afraid of taking a few extra steps to make sure your family eats good then our recipe will be soon become a family heirloom. It’s that good.

All good southern eaters know that you’re supposed to eat greens on New Year’s day; eating them will bring you a cavalcade of wealth in the new year. We’re not in it for the money but our funky hot Vietnamese collard greens have led us to astonishing gains in our portfolio. We no longer have to think about the burdensome expense when we ask for guacamole on our tacos. We just go for it.

Happy New Year y’all

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