Our beer scene in Louisiana is a little toddler taking its first steps.

We have a handful of breweries putting out national caliber beer: Gnarly Barley in Hammond’s Korova Milk Porter is as fine a version as you’re likely to find-even on the national stage; Parish Brewing in Broussard is putting out a world beating Double IPA-Ghost In The Machine; Great Raft out of Shreveport is the best brewery in the state, and they have a full roster of national quality brews with their Grace and Grit Double IPA leading the charge.

Old Rail in Mandeville poured me the best ESB I had all year long.

The Year In Louisiana Craft Beer via rl reeves jr

The Year In Louisiana Craft Beer via rl reeves jr

There are plenty other breweries in Louisiana that put out good beer, and with practice they could become main-stage players but for now they need to get in some reps, hone their craft, quit selling their experiments and woodshed til their quality improves.

The biggest story to break out of Louisiana’s scene this year was Friedman Fleischer & Lowe’s purchase of Abita out of Abita Springs. Here’s the tale of how it went down.

Black Penny opened on Rampart

The Brewer’s Association released their annual Louisiana-by-the-numbers craft beer analysis.

Bayou Teche uses their waste to feed crawfish. Only in Louisiana y’all.

Broken Wheel Brewery opened in Marksville and we took a roadtrip to check out these young upstarts.

Not a Louisiana craft beer story but thousands of Louisianan’s were touched by the death of Texas icon Steve Anderson

The earth shook when Bell’s Brewery announced they were entering the Louisiana market

Wayward Owl is converting the majestic Gem Theater into a microbrewery.

Second Line Brewing opened

We’re taking baby steps as a craft beer community. New Orleans reminds me of Austin in the late 90s and now that city has one of the best, sharply defined craft beer scenes in the US. Just give us time.

  1. There is definitely a science to the brew. My childhood friend’s father made his very own beer. It looked like a science lab in his brew room!

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