I had a feeling New Orleans had a ways to go before we could make any national “best of” craft beer lists. But my hometown of Austin, Texas nearly managed to crack the 2015 “Best Place To Drink A Pint” list.

How is that rating determined? A company called SmartAsset used statistical data from the US Census Bureau as well as other resources to establish a metric that took into account the average price of a pint; the number of breweries and brewpubs; average yelp rating, and bars per capita.

When the dust had settled New Orleans finished number one in bars per capita while Portland Maine won the ‘best city to drink a pint’ category.

A Pitcher Of 512 Brewing's Russian Imperial Stout

A Pitcher Of 512 Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout

Austin, a formerly dusty little town on the banks of the Colorado River that has morphed into quite a different beast altogether, came in 11th nearly besting Cincinnati who rounded out the top 10.

Austin could serve as a good business model for New Orleans in the craft beer industry as it has not been that long since the capital of Texas was only home to a handful of microbreweries. Now the city has thirty. The average price of a pint in Austin, long known for cheap beer, is 4 bucks.

I’ve never averaged out New Orleans’ craft beer pricing but I can damn sure tell you it’s not $4. Too many profiteers out there who regularly price their cold beer closer to ten dollars than five.

Do you geek out on statistics? Then here’s the original article.

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