No matter how far south you live in the US it eventually gets cold. You may migrate to Brownsville-Texas one of my favorite cities on earth-but if you stay there long enough you’ll be searching for a JC Penny’s so you can buy a pair of long johns.

It got cold last night in New Orleans. Cold enough for me to lay there fantasizing for a few minutes as dawn broke. My fancies are wild and unpredictable but nearly always involve food. And when it’s cold they grow particularly powerful.

I kept daydreaming about my old cast-iron Dutch oven bubbling with Cajun beef tips to thwart the advances of Mother Nature. If you’re going to have beef tips you’ll need a good pot of rice to ladle them over. These are the rules we live by in Louisiana.

A Recipe For Cajun Beef Tips With Green Onion Rice

4 lbs beef tips
4 slices bacon
1 bulb garlic
2 each onions, sweet, chopped
2 each peppers, bell, chopped
4 ribs celery, chopped
2 c. wine, red
1 c. stock, chicken
2 bay leaves
1 T. thyme, leaves
1/2 c. roux

* Brown bacon in Dutch oven or other large, heavy-bottom pan
* Remove bacon leaving fat in pan
* Coat beef tips with blackening seasoning (recipe here or use your favorite brand)
* Crank heat up, introduce beef tips to pan
* Open window or turn on vent fan
* When beef is dark walnut colored add garlic, onions and bell peppers
* Saute til vegetables are soft
* Add wine, stock and thyme
* Simmer for 30 minutes
* Add roux
* Stir til combined
* Simmer 5 minutes more

Cooking notes
You can hand cube a chuck roast if your market does not carry beef tips
Use the best bacon you can lay your hands on; if you make it from scratch it could be the best you ever tasted
If you don’t have wine you may use a like amount of pureed whole peeled tomatoes
For this dish I make a walnut-colored roux using flour and bacon fat, this is cold weather food and it needs to be rich
A suitable substitution for rice would be mashed potatoes

Serve over Green Onion Rice

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