We scored a few racks of ribs butchered from Louisiana deer that were harvested last weekend in Acadiana. We immediately drove home, built a fire in the backyard and started daydreaming about what we were going to do with all the pecan-smoked venison.

Deer meat is tough. Once they remove the prized backstrap, most hunters drop the animal off at a processing plant with the proviso that they want the animal converted into sausage.

A Recipe For Jambalaya With Smoked Venison Rib Meat And Jalapenos

A Recipe For Jambalaya With Smoked Venison Rib Meat And Jalapenos

Louisiana deer spend their entire lives running, jumping, swimming and trying as hard as they can to elude the alligators, humans, black bears, and other creatures of the woods that see them as little more than supper. Deer are excellent athletes as any hunter can attest but all that motion lends the animal toward becoming muscular and tough.

After four hours over a pecan fire we pulled the rib racks off and set them on the counter to cool off.

We’ve never competed in the World Jambalaya Championship held in Gonzales, Louisiana each year but this recipe would at least get us a place on the podium.

Jambalaya With Smoked Venison Rib Meat And Jalapenos

12 oz meat, deer, smoked, chopped
6 each jalapenos, chopped
6 each onions, green, chopped
8 oz, rice, Louisiana harvest is best
16 oz stock, chicken or pork
butter, fat pat
Salt to taste


* Heat heavy bottom sauce pan with butter
* When butter foams and lightly browns add chiles
* Add protein, saute til aromatic
* Add stock, bring to boil
* Slowly add rice and green onions
* Cook 20 minutes
* Let rest 10 minutes
* Fluff with fork

Cooking notes

If you don’t have deer use pork rib meat
Chopped shallots make a fine addition to this dish
Or you may substitute them for green onions
We only use rice grown in Louisiana but if you don’t have access just use a good, long grain rice
A good rich master-stock is essential but if you don’t have time to make one use Maggi brand bouillon cubs

This is recipe number 169 on Scrumptious Chef

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