Approximately 3200 people are employed in the Louisiana craft beer industry. We’re looking forward to that growing as new breweries like Urban South and Wayward Owl come online in New Orleans this year. Our city is in its beer-infancy right now. These are interesting times.

In the biggest Louisiana beer story of the year, Bell’s Brewery has announced that they will be entering our market in 2016. Bell’s is the 8th largest craft brewer in the US and we are beyond excited

This Week In Craft Beer News via rl reeves jr

This Week In Craft Beer News via rl reeves jr

Christopher Barnes is one of the leading authorities on Belgian beers. He has a report on Delirium Christmas ale

Samantha Crespo has penned a guide on where to drink craft beer in Memphis

Nice longread from Farley Elliott on agriculture and weather’s role in beer

In Texas women are emerging as some of the top craft brewers in the state

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