Ian McNulty of the New Orleans Advocate is one of our food writer heroes and he put in plenty work in today’s paper.

His first ‘get’ is an excellent feature on sweetbreads where the good writer explores their origins and then rounds everything out with a long list of where to find this soul food delicacy.

Our personal favorite sweetbread source is tucked away deep inside the Rio Grande Valley at El Dorado Restaurant a mere 675 miles from New Orleans. There the dish is on the menu as mollejas, and it’s served straddling handmade corn tortillas with the best refried pinto beans we’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

Soul Food Universal Register

Soul Food Universal Register

We recently wrote an article on Dunbar’s Creole Cooking with nary a notion that owner Tina Dunbar was preparing for a grand re-entrance on the New Orleans dining stage. But that’s exactly what’s set to happen in 2016 as McNulty ably explains in the morning paper.

Any local eater with even a passing love for soul food will be head over heels with this announcement as Dunbar’s formerly put out one of the finest fried chicken platters New Orleans ever saw.

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