I have a deep and abiding love of Jewish soul food. The paragon of the form is Fulemule in Budapest but after reading this report on Honey & Co. in London I may have to visit the UK soon.

Kitty’s Canteen is a soul food speakeasy in New York City with a cool tie-in to Dizzy Gillespie.

I’m a soul food junkie. I grew up eating ‘mountain soul food’ the term I gave to my grandmother’s cuisine, and since that era I’ve pursued one version or another of soul food on four different continents. In a new documentary titled Soul Food Junkies producer Byron Hurt looks at soul food and its possible deleterious effects on African Americans’ health.

Retired U.S. Army veteran Jerry Lewis Moore Sr. says he wants to “bless their (Texan’s) palates with the opening of his Geechie’s Southern Style Restaurant in Killeen, Texas.

So much wrong here. If the hummus doesn’t have chick peas in it, it is not hummus; if you’re sitting down to a soul food feast at a restaurant with a cocktail instead of sweet tea you are doing it wrong; if the “soul food” restaurant is serving calamari just get up and walk out-quickly. The New York Times takes down Delta’s

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