Louisiana is blessed to have some excellent home-grown breweries whose product you can easily purchase in corner stores and groceries stretching across the state. Our lives at Scrumptious headquarters are richer with Great Raft, Parish and Bayou Teche all on the shelves of Mike’s Quick Mart on St. Claude in the 9th Ward.

Bell's Brewery Is Coming To Louisiana

Bell’s Brewery Is Coming To Louisiana

But there are some gaping holes in Louisianans’ refrigerators due to our being shunned by some huge national craft breweries like Deschutes, Dogfish and Firestone Walker.

However, things are starting to look up.

Bell’s Brewery is entering the state in 2016.

Owner Larry Bell famously began selling homebrew back in 1985 and he did so via the most humble set-up you can imagine: a 15 gallon brew kettle. Nowadays his start-up is one of the most successful breweries in the US and ranks 8th nationally in beer sales volume.

A fresh bottle of Bell’s 2 Hearted Ale, purchased from a corner store in the 9th Ward, is one of the greatest creature comforts we can imagine.

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