Whitley County Kentucky

Whitley County Kentucky

The backbone of my cooking is mountain soul, a phrase I use to describe the food that my grandmother Nellie Sullivan put on her table three times a day, seven days a week for over 50 years.

Mrs Sullivan was a professional cook well before it became hip for girls with meat-cleaver tattoos to muscle their way into the male-dominated kitchens of today. I watched her like a hawk, asked endless questions and was always ready to dart in and stir a pot of beans or flip a country fried steak when she wasn’t looking.

Thanksgivings at Mrs Sullivan’s house served as a sort of greatest hits where she put out a minimum of three different proteins and enough side dishes to feed 30-40 people in spite of the fact that we only had about 20 family members at the time.

Here’s a handful of recipes that I’m honored to say were inspired by this remarkable woman:

Sweet Corn with Cow’s Butter and Cream

Staggeringly Delicious Mac and Cheese

Sweet Potato Mash With Sorghum

The Best Green Beans I Ever Tasted

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Bars

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