We just had a birthday at Scrumptous Chef. Our website turned six years old. Practically a millennium in the world of food blogs.

During that time we’ve had over two million visitors and have written 2,732 articles.

We're Writing 500 Po Boy Reviews In New Orleans

We’re Writing 500 Po Boy Reviews In New Orleans

The first article ever penned by RL Reeves Jr was concerning sucuk, , a Turkish sausage. Fitting, given the man’s love of charcuterie.

The five most popular articles in the history of the website:

1) Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s Favorite Foods

2) How To Make Authentic Texas Red Chili

3) The Rules Of King Ranch Casserole

4) How To Make Pork Stock

5) A Guide To Making The Best Scrambled Eggs You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth

Thanks for visiting the site. We hope the next six years are just as fun as the first.

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