Boudin is not on the list of the World Health Organizations list of cancer causing meats but I doubt there are many Cajuns who give a fuck what a group of pearl clutching scientists have to say about cooking, curing and eating the creatures of the field and woods.

Do burnt end biscuits sound appetizing? JC Reid goes deep in Southeast Texas to find some unusual dishes that are beyond the brisket.

Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse

Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse

“I’ll stop drinking alcohol and smoking if needs be, but I could never give up meat as it’s essential to my diet” The French, devoted to food, speak on saucisson (the prince of French sausages)

Horse meat could portend the next wave of charcuterie

Shank Charcuterie is now open on St Claude in New Orleans

James Lewis, chef at Bettola in Birmingham Alabama is using legendary Fudge Farms hogs to make a bewildering array of charcuterie. He’s also planning a cure camp.

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