Uptown restaurant Atchafalaya got taken down last night.

The southern dining concern holds a dear place in our heart: They served the finest cornbread we’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

And we’ve eaten the best stretching from Kentucky to Texas and back again.

Thursday September 24th 2015 the manager of the restaurant noticed two masked men heading toward the front door so he sprang into action rushing toward the brigands and locking the door.

Five patrons and an uncounted number of employees were relieved of their possessions.

Atchafalaya Has The Best Cornbread In New Orleans

Atchafalaya Has The Best Cornbread In New Orleans

This fresh assault comes one month on the heels of a similar takedown at Patois, a fine dining restaurant in the same section of New Orleans.

Moving forward should at least one line cook or sous chef be armed with a Mossberg Home Defender 12 gauge pump shotgun?

One remembers Charlotte Rae, the old house mother on Facts of Life who advocated carrying a pistol for any woman who suffered untoward advances stating “there’s nothing that takes the fight out of a man like a gaping chest wound”

I’m paraphrasing, and the bit was said for laughs but it still holds true.

Executive chef Chris Lynch: “Unfortunately, this is the cost of business sometimes in this town”

Says a man who knows that New Orleans living means taking a chance with your life every time you leave the house, go to work or do just about anything that normal people do all over the US.

While our mayor and city council content themselves with frivolities.

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