The drumbeat came across my channels last night: Bywater Man Carjacked While Unloading Groceries.

I was reading the story right after I’d put the groceries up that that I’d bought at Circle Foods and trundled into our ancient double.

We laugh whenever people talk about the gentrification of the Bywater. On our street there are abandoned vehicles rotting into the blacktop; hookers two blocks away on St. Claude; witch graffiti on our neighbor’s fences; lurkers who fade away when groups walk along the streets and of course all manners of crime ranging from home invasions to rapes.

This is the face of gentrification in New Orleans?

Where are all the guys on fixies wearing black frame glasses and listening to Pavement bootlegs?

I’ll take that over brigands who jack your car when you’re trying to carry in a grocery bag filled with pizza rolls, turkey necks and yellow onions.

And I’ve never seen the Times Pic promote a letter to the editor the way they did this.

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