When the first taco is so bad that the prospect of eating the second taco fills you with a sort of existential dread you know you must be on the New Orleans Taco Trail.

Yet we still make regular forays down that road to perdition.

After running hard down the San Antonio barbacoa trail last week we’ve had our minds on tacos since arriving back in New Orleans.

That’s a hard place.

Taqueria Las Delicias via RL Reeves Jr

We would liken the feeling to being in Austin and craving gumbo, red beans and rice or a well-made muffaletta. Don’t bother, we’ve tried all the Cajun and Creole restaurants in Central Texas and haven’t found one yet that could open up in New Roads and make good money.

Taqueria Las Delicias put out one of the worst barbacoa tacos I’ve ever eaten when we penned our last taco report. But, their al pastor was tolerable, their salsa was flavorful if absent any meaningful heat, and our memories are short when it comes to taco trucks.

The New Orleans Taco Trail via RL Reeves Jr

So we ventured back there today.

Hard times.

The carne azada is a mix of actual beef, the kind you get in carne asada tacos all over Texas, al pastor and a third gristly substance that may or may not have come off a barnyard animal.

The second taco, buche, fares better even though it’s a far more difficult meat to prepare. Buche is pork stomach and can have the consistency of a rubber band. The taquera here shows a fairly skilled hand in that the meat is tender if scant. There are also a variety of other proteins that make an appearance in the taco: pastor, carne azada and what appears to be lengua.

The Road To Perdition Is Lined With New Orleans Tacos

Apparently all tacos at Las Delicias are mixta.

Tortillas are handmade, tiny, taquito-sized and are easily the best thing about Las Delicias.

The sad part of the matter is that this little business hits almost all our sweet spots: tiny taco trailer, parked near railroad tracks, on a dirt road, rock crushing plant nearby, working man clientele, nice Latinas running the place.

New Orleans Taqueria Las Delicias

The trappings may be fine but the beating heart of the business: the food, is lethargic and haphazard.DSC08242


New Orleans Rock Crushing Plant

Taqueria Las Delicias is located at the turnaround underneath Elysian Fields just north of the Lowes on Elysian Fields.

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