Today, September 17th 2015 saw another round of firings over at the Times-Picayune.

28 full-time workers and nine part-timers were given the pink slip.

Notable names:

James Varney. At the Times Picayune for 25 years. Most recently Varney was published yesterday when he wrote about a Slidell arsonist. Half the time it seemed Varney was completely full of shit and the other half he sounded like an old sage you’d hear holding court in a barroom. He will be missed.

Paul Purpura. At the Times Picayune for 16 years. Most recently Purpura was published yesterday when he wrote about Billy Ray Lewis, a man convicted of murder. We’re crime junkies at Scrumptious Chef so we read Purpura constantly. He will be missed.

Alison Fensterstock. A new face at the Times Pic, Ms Fensterstock had only been with the paper since 2012. She was a prolific writer who we regularly enjoyed. Who’s going to write about Mr. Quintron now Times-Pic? She will be missed.

Those were the names that jumped out at us as we looked at the axeman’s list.

Something tells us Dan Shea over at the New Orleans Advocate will have a field day picking up all this talent for his 7 days a week local paper.

Update September 18 2015. Paul Purpura speaks on his firing.

“I was at home getting ready to go to Tulane and Broad to continue to cover a double-murder trial and instead I ended up on the eighth floor of One Canal Place getting severed.”

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