The pleasure of a Hardee’s fried chicken sandwich is manifold. Most importantly it stirs memories of our youth spent in the coal-fields of Appalachia when the only fast food available was Hardee’s.

9th Ward Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

9th Ward Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

The old North Carolina chain was instrumental in bringing corporate food to villages and burgs situated in the hollers of Eastern Kentucky. Hardee’s went where McDonald’s and Wendy’s feared to tread.

Back then there were plenty mom n pop burger joints but nary a one served a breaded, deep-fried chicken sandwich; a bit of exotica to our youthful palates.

Nowadays we run by the Hardee’s in Chalmette perhaps once a year to spirit a fried chicken sandwich back to our home in the 9th Ward.

It tastes exactly the same as it did in that far-off time.

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