A group of friends visited our Bywater home from out of state back in the Spring. They’re from a place where crime is not on New Orleans-level (Texas for the record, but Kinshasa, Belgrade and a number of other cities could be held in the same estimation)

They would blithely walk in the front door and go about their business without immediately pivoting to lock the door behind them. Yeah, a bunch of marks, hardened New Orleanians would say, but in their defense you may or may not stop, drop and roll to lock your door the moment you enter your home in Austin.

A man living in the 600 block of France Street learned a hard lesson Friday morning when he briefly let his guard down upon entering his home and didn’t do the lightning-fast 180 pivot and lock routine that’s crucial to Bywater living.

Four men barged in the unlocked door and relieved the resident of his cellphone, Macbook and a token amount of cash.

The Bywater has a long history of just such crimes: Back in the Fall of 2012 Anthony Woodberry, a young man of 17, was arrested for his role in a home invasion in the 900 block of France Street. Out of jail, but on electronic monitoring he would be gunned down and killed some 18 months later.

In January of this year, Darryl Morgan, a sex offender with a record stretching all the way back to 1993 walked onto a Bywater porch and asked the resident if she would call him a taxi. She agreed and went to get her phone at which point Morgan busted in, locked the door and attacked her. Her screams were heard by a neighbor who secured entry into her home and beat the Hell out of Morgan til the cops showed up.

Bravo good neighbor.

Bywater living is an endless litany of crime. We laugh ourselves silly when the shiny online journals do their cultural pieces on our neighborhood, touting residents who’re into crock jar-fermentation, goat-wrangling or other outre pursuits. We’re mainly just thinking about whether we can make it from the truck to the house without anybody sticking a gun in our faces.

It ain’t easy in the Big Easy.

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