As we type this we have two pork bellies on the smoker in the rear courtyard. We sourced them from a hog farmer out in Kenner and we know this man to be a careful steward of his pigs. We’ll report back once we get them cooled off and sliced.

A menu with five items: All bacon at Bacon On Bree restaurant

Attention observant Muslims and Jews. There is now a bacon for y’all. Push your treif worries aside and get to eating

Farm Pride Alligator Sausage

Farm Pride Alligator Sausage

Misti Norris got her start in the world of charcuterie via her grandma teaching her how to make boudin. now she’s an owner and a head chef.

Italian police took down a counterfeit ham operation run by Poles in Naples

The thought of eating a biscuit with both peach jam and bacon on it fills us with revulsion. Still, Jim Myers has compiled a good list of where to find high quality bacon in Nashville

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