IPA Day was founded back in 2011 by Ashley Routson, district manager for Green Flash Brewing out of San Diego.

New Orleans local weekly, Gambit, ran an article on where to celebrate locally on Thursday August 5th 2015 but left out Courtyard Brewery.

If you want to take a break from drinking IPA at Buffalo Wild Wings or Lager’s International Ale House, Courtyard will have the following beers on tap for the occasion: Sonic Youth In 1983, Lonesome Traveler Citra, Baby IPA, Great Raft Grace and Grit, Southern Prohibition Crowd Control, Young Pale Eyes, and Lagunitas Li’l Sumpin’ Extra.

Courtyard Brewery In New Orleans

Courtyard Brewery In New Orleans

Trim Tab is one of the best breweries in the white-hot Alabama beer scene. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit Birmingham twice in the past year and that town is punching way above its weight in the crowded craft beer market. Now, Trim Tab is preparing to can their brew

Stan Hieronymus steps off the mountain with tablets engraved to speak on the big Anheuser Busch blogger controversy. It seems a group of beer bloggers received an all-expenses paid trip (vacation) to the A/B barley farm.. Read more

The best beer party we ever attended is an annual event in Austin, Texas. The Texas Craft Brewers Fest is almost upon us

I Think About Beer is one of our favorite blogs. The writer has a particular focus on Belgian ales which is our all time favorite style. Westvleteren 12, one of the most-hunted beers on earth gets reviewed here

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