Their order is shrinking.

The Marianites Of The Holy Cross number only 155 worldwide with 15 sisters residing in The Bywater on the Holy Angels campus.

The Holy Angels Congregation Center And Convent will soon be put up for sale and the nuns dispersed to the four winds.

We were taking our morning constitutional when we happened upon a lovely sister who was more than happy to chat with strangers about her life in New Orleans.

Holy Angels In The Bywater

Holy Angels In The Bywater

A life that will soon be radically altered as the campus she has called home for decades will be shifted into secular hands. The city of New Orleans places a taxable value of 11 million dollars on the Holy Angels property.

We expect it to go for quite a bit more than that. The campus takes up an entire city block in the red hot Bywater.

As for who that potential buyer may be, the sky is the limit, but Sister Ann LaCour (not pictured) did say that she hoped that the property will not become “… a brothel or an abortion clinic.”

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