“Man those cracklins are making me hungry, I wonder if they’re as good as Don’s Specialty Meats”

The gathered crew of rough and tumble old Cajuns round on me and shoot daggers with their cold, cold eyes.

I’m at the Bonneval Foods cracklins booth at the New Orleans Roadfood Festival and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll make it out alive.

Bonneval Foods In Gonzales Louisiana

Bonneval Foods In Gonzales Louisiana

Cracklins love is writ into the genetic code of the rural folks of Louisiana.

They’re endlessly feted at events like the Porte Barre Cracklin Festival (est.1985) which crowns a beautiful young Louisiana woman who is thenceforth known as the Cracklin Queen; looking over a gallery of previous winners assures the reader that the finest women on earth live in Acadiana.

The Best Cracklins In Louisiana?

The Best Cracklins In Louisiana?

Cracklins even have their own website; the Cracklin Trail is authored by Robert Carricker, a man who has given his life to the hunting of cracklins and boudin.

How are the cracklins at Bonneval Foods? Exemplary. These fried out hunks of hog fat have a good fat to meat ratio with a solid crunch giving way to a deeply meaty tasting inner. They’re heavily seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices that the folks working the booth refuse to reveal.

Bonneval Cracklins

Bonneval Cracklins

Normally I just muscle a recipe out of whoever I want to but this pack of wiry Cajuns might be a little too tough for me.

Bonneval Foods is not a restaurant. If you want their cracklins you’re going to have to go online or run by Zuppardo’s on Thursdays as that’s when they make their delivery to the New Orleans area.

If This Photo Doesn't Make You Hungry You Are Dead Inside

If This Photo Doesn’t Make You Hungry You Are Dead Inside

Are they the best I ever ate? No, that honor belongs to T-Jim’s in Cottonport but Bonneval is making a real fine cracklin, one of the best in Acadiana.

Bonneval Foods LLC 10218 Airline Hwy
Gonzales La

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Ate Too Many Cracklins

Ate Too Many Cracklins

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