One of our dearly departed (not dead, just moved to Denver) Scrumptious Chef cooking crew members Meghan always used the Texas Crutch when she cooked pork ribs.

What is the Texas Crutch? This hotly contested cooking technique involves throwing a rack of ribs on a smoker for a couple hours then wrapping it tightly in aluminum foil and finishing in the oven for another hour or two.

We were daydreaming about Meghan’s ribs a couple weeks ago so we ran by the market, procured a rack of pork ribs and got busy in the backyard building a fire.

Bywater Daily Photo: Texas Crutch Ribs

Bywater Daily Photo: Texas Crutch Ribs

Our standard build consists of 18 hardwood, lump briquets and six hardwood Hickory chunks. When the briquets go to ash, smother fire with Hickory and put meat on smoker.

We had business in Mississippi so after getting the meat on the smoker we hightailed it out of town returning about eight hours later. The fire had gone cold which did not present a problem. We wrapped the rib rack in aluminum foil, put it in the oven at 300 degrees and cooked for one additional hour.

Texas Crutch ribs are a rare treat, the meat slips off the bone with zero effort from the eater. Normally we like a bit of a chew on our ribs but perhaps once per annum we break out the Texas Crutch to good effect.

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