We’re still pining after the old Tiffin Inn that shuttered last month in Metairie. On a recent taxi ride our cabby was feeling loquacious and she rambled on for quite a bit on how sorrowful she was over the closure.

Tiffin Inn Recipe

Tiffin Inn Recipe

Which set us off on a fresh trek across the internet, a sentimental journey that yielded the following: a recipe for Tiffin Inn’s legendary Beef Stroganoff taken from an old newspaper clipping.

* Cut 1.5lbs Filet of beef into julienne strips 1″ long and .25″ wide
* Season with salt, a grating of black pepper and paprika
* Heat butter the size of an egg in skillet and saute beef quickly on a sharp fire until just medium rare
* Remove meat from pan
* Now in same pan saute 2 T. finely chopped onion, cook about half done, add 1/2lb sliced, fresh mushrooms and cook a few minutes more, adding butter if necessary
* Next sprinkle over mushrooms a scant T. of flour stir as you add slowly 2 c. soured heavy cream.
* To this sauce add 1 t. tomato paste, 1/2 t. Worcestershire, 3 finely sliced sweet pickles (ed.note, we do not condone sweet pickle use) 1/4 t. salt and 1/2 t. nutmeg
* Return meat to sauce
* Serve hot over toast or on fluffy rice in a chafing dish

The old advert we harvested this recipe from credits “the chef of Tiffin Inn” as the author. At its height, Tiffin Inn had 15 locations so we have no way of knowing the name of this man or woman.

Once in a great, great while we will publish a recipe that we did not develop and this is one of those instances. It is important from an historical perspective to remember old restaurants. Let their flame continue to burn bright in your breast in spite of their faltering and closing.

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