Hunter Lake is suing Coby Lake. The two brothers are co-owners of Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham. Last year we had a remarkable barrel-aged Saison at this brewery. It was outrageously expensive but delicious. Details on the blood feud

Trim Tab Brewing Co In Birmingham

Trim Tab Brewing Co In Birmingham

On a recent road trip through the South we visited Keg and Barrel in Hattiesburg. The building stunk of mildew and the bar charges full price for half-pours off their draft wall. We’ve visited hundreds of craft beer bars and this is the first time we’ve ever encountered such an egregious policy. But what do you expect of a place that serves Miller Lite right along-side regional craft?

Wayward Owl Brewing has ordered their brewhouse

Garrett Crowell likes skunky beer. The brewmaster at the much-lauded Jester King of Austin is in an exclusive brewers camp when it comes to this affinity. Is Mr. Crowell a dumbass? My grandma used to say “there’s no accounting for taste”

Three beer styles originate from USA. Tom Acitelli of Food Republic looks at each one.

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