If Ray Gibson, native son of New Orleans and the man who owns Pepperoni Rays pizza restaurant spent half as much time in the kitchen as he did orchestrating his joint’s recent social media campaign, he could learn how to make scratch crust and offer it to his #teamletseat patrons.

That hashtag is what catapulted the Gentilly restaurant to the top of the Times Picayune’s readers poll on New Orleans best pizza.

Pepperoni Ray’s acolytes rose up,flash mob-style to engineer a meteoric rise to the top of the Times Picayune’s recent quest to find the best pizza in New Orleans.

By the way, the uncrowned king of our newly minted pizza scene is St. Clair, a humble, old, school bus retrofitted with a wood-burning oven. And yes, the lads running the concern make their crust by hand.

But to be fair, every single pizza restaurant of note in New Orleans; from Domenica to Mona Lisa, makes their crust from scratch. It’s how they flex their culinary muscles-via handmade crust.

It was laughable that Pepperoni Ray’s, a Gentilly pizza restaurant that “outsources” its dough, bested Pizza Delicious in the Times Picayune’s pizza poll-at least in the popular vote portion.

When push came to shove and official judges Todd Price, Judy Walker, Zella Palmer and Liz Williams had vetted the top five contenders it was Pizza Delicious, a scratch kitchen, that emerged as the top pie in New Orleans.

After reading the Times Pic article on Pepperoni Ray’s owner Ray Gibson, we’ve come to the conclusion that this man is delusional.

At one point he calls his pizza “edible art” and goes on to say “It’s something you put together start to finish”

Except the crust. Because that would entail learning how to make pizza from scratch, and that would be infinitely harder than exhorting people on Instagram and Facebook to pad the polls so your restaurant could compete against actual artisans who are making everything from scratch.

“The manager’s not in right now” This was the response we garnered when we called up Pepperoni Ray’s to find out where they were buying their crust. Hunts Brothers maybe?

In the comments section of one of the Times Pic’s articles on the competition a poster named “Ray” says: #TeamLetsEat!!!!!! they don’t want us to win, you can not deny you taste buds or Pepperoni Ray’s. We’re going to leave’em like this. Let’s Eat!!!

It gets worse. On an Instagram post from the Pepperoni Ray account: We’ll make a come back #TeamLetsEat!!! No worries Copy & paste or Click on this link……Use every device you have. Share this post,sharing is caring. Let’s Vote!!!

Shame free in Gentilly.

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Ste B
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  1. Can we say “elitist?” I didn’t vote in the pizza challenge, but I do eat the pizza at Ray’s, and its good. If its good, I don’t really care if they made the dough from scratch or not.

  2. What’s elitist about wanting to eat pizza made from scratch? I’ll bet you prefer handmade food vs food from a freezer. I prefer handmade food too. Like the kind you get at Pizza Delicious or St Clair.

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