We’ve been walking by this tiny building on Dauphine Street in the Bywater for over a year and have long wondered what its history is.

Last week the elderly couple who live next door were outside pulling weeds and playing OZ good and loud when we strolled by so we figured an inquiry was in order.

“Well, it was a barbershop for about 40 years”

“Do you remember the name of it?”

“It’s written on the side of the building”

Bywater Daily Photo

Bywater Daily Photo

We walk over to investigate but there is nary any indication of a sign, ghost or otherwise-just a mad, slobbering beast of a boxer dog who appears to be nearly losing his mind.

“What year did it close?”

“Oh not that long ago, maybe ’72 or ’73”

When you’re around 90 years of age, 1972 was just a snap of the fingers away we reckon.

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