We saw this one coming a mile away.

When New Orleans city council decided to outlaw tobacco use in bars, we predicted that the resultant tide of smokers congregating outside drinkeries to partake in their habit, would result in a tidal wave of armed robberies.http://www.wwltv.com/story/news/local/orleans/2015/06/02/exclusive-video-marigny-bar-patrons-falling-victim-to-armed-robberies-police-investigate-possible-connection/28391077/

And now we’re seeing just that.

New Orleans criminals love low-hanging fruit.

Smokers are easy targets now that they’ve been turned into the streets.

Formerly, a nicotine user could relax indoors and enjoy a modicum of protection (doors that only open via buzzer, big beefy bouncers that could mitigate thuggish behavior, the general safety of not being on the streets)

Now that’s all gone.

And the brigands are rejoicing. Thousands of soft targets are now exposed for all to see.

As we make our way across New Orleans on a nightly basis we’ve recently remarked on how many bars there are that we never knew existed.

They’re easy to spot: Just look for a group of people all tugging on cigarettes and stumbling about drunkenly. When you walk into the nearby bar there will be no one inside, save the bartender minding the til. Occasionally someone will dash inside to refill their drink before they return to the great outdoors to reengage in their habit.

We used to love to go to Bud Rips, BJ’s Lounge, Markey’s Bar etc.

Not any more.

There’s nobody inside to hang out with. The social aspect of chatting with strangers has been completely stripped away.

The air is refreshingly clean, that’s a plus, but there’s nobody to enjoy it with. All the revelry takes place outside the bar, on the sidewalk, like a scene from some gritty 70s movie set in Philadelphia.

New Orleans bar culture is dead.




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