Is this the end of Roadfood? We’ve been all over Jane and Michael Stern’s website since its inception 15 years ago. Prior to that we regularly devoured their books, well before Al Gore invented the internet.

We were just a young pack of eaters back in the 80s when we scored an old Roadfood book at a used bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky. We immediately plotted a course that carried us across New England eating at some of the best and most obscure eateries in all the land. We were teenagers.

But now big changes are afoot. Fexy Media scored $40 million in financing recently and decided that would be the crown jewel of their company.

An Old Battle-scarred Roadfood Book

An Old Battle-scarred Roadfood Book

Roadfood has thousands of users and has amassed a database of unfathomable proportions. The list of restaurants we’ve discovered via the site is well into the hundreds.

Jane and Michael Stern are our heroes.

We are filled with hope that Fexy won’t screw up the website that we hold in reverence.

The comment forum on Roadfood is especially active regarding the changing of the guard. It’s here

Oh, and about Fexy: It’s short for fucking sexy.

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