If you want the best muffaletta in New Orleans you’re going to have to get up early on Saturday morning and carry yourself to Terranova Brothers Superette on Esplanade.

Their pluperfect version is only available on Saturday, they only make a handful and when they’re gone you’re faced with another seven day wait.

The Best Muffaletta In New Orleans

The Best Muffaletta In New Orleans

We eat half the muff like frenzied hyenas, put the rest in the fridge, then, the next day toast the other half in an ancient cast iron pan.

Start cold, finish hot, this is how we live our lives.

Terranova has been open for 90 years. They’re a full service grocery store with an excellent meat market in the rear of the business. Their handmade green onion pork sausage is a local heavyweight in the charcuterie world.

3308 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 482-4131

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