Henry Kelper founded Try Me Coffee Mills in 1925, well before the puritans had established even the tiniest of footholds in New Orleans.

Today Kelper’s grandson Bob Lutz runs the tiny roaster located on France Street, deep in the heart of the Bywater.

Try Me Coffee Mills

Try Me Coffee Mills

Lutz is still using the antique mill that his grandfather installed in the building 90 years ago. It’s not broke, no point in fixing it.

We go here for good medium roast beans and old school New Orleans service. We would’ve loved to have posted a photo of Jericho, a long-time worker, but he was not interested in having his picture taken.

Camera shy? On the run from the law? We have no way of knowing.

Pictured is an antique La Pavoni espresso machine. It doesn’t work or we’d be by Try Me a lot more often begging for shots off this old beast.

1014 France Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 945-4314

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