Pack a picnic lunch and head over to the Industrial Canal, known by local eggheads as the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal.

Bywater Daily Photo: The Industrial Canal

Bywater Daily Photo: The Industrial Canal

The banks are a fine place for an afternoon sojourn. Of course there will be the occasional corpse float by and the area hosts plenty thugs and neighborhood toughs who may attempt to relieve you of your high top All Stars or charcuterie board.

But generally speaking the banks of the canal are a fine place to relax on a warm afternoon.

Which is where the Scrumptious crew found itself on a recent ramble across the lower 9th Ward.

There were hippies sunning their dogs, fisherman angling for catfish and the occasional jock running along in a never ending quest for better health.

After working on your tan you can take a quick walk to Bar Redux where a chicken wing basket might require an hour long wait or you can try your luck at scoring a table at Bacchanal where the neo Bohemians gather for glasses of wine and cheese plates.

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