Another day, another stickup in the Bywater.

We walk past the corner of Piety and Dauphine every single day. It’s just a few blocks from the Scrumptious house and is the vector for Frady’s One Stop and Satsuma Cafe.

It’s one block from our favorite bar in the Bywater: Bud Rips.

Bywater Crime: The Street Down Which The Robbers Fled

Bywater Crime: The Street Down Which The Robbers Fled

Early Tuesday morning (April 14th, 2015) a group of thugs were hanging out on this very corner, looking to do some crime and hopefully relieve some citizens of their hard earned cash.


A couple who were on a stroll were held up at gunpoint, surrendered their belongings and watched as the brigands fled.

Alternately, one of the victims could’ve pulled out a heater and got in a gunfight with the perps.

Or perhaps used some Kung Fu so they could maintain their iphones and credit cards.

Our next door neighbors drive the three blocks from their house to Bud Rips.

Playing it safe.

We roll through the neighborhood nightly but always keep a weather eye peeled for any would be assailants.

With police presence at a bare minimum and an endless rogue’s gallery of stickup men canvassing the neighborhood it’s the only way to live.

It ain’t easy in the big easy.

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