Even the most hardened, in the know, neo-Bohemians of the Bywater, know almost nothing about Joe’s Cozy Corner.

Joe's Cozy Corner Is Today's Bywater Daily Photo

Joe’s Cozy Corner Is Today’s Bywater Daily Photo

Tucked away on an obscure side street in a largely forgotten part of the Upper 9th Ward, Jo Jo’s (as it’s known to its regulars) features live music (a grandson of banjoist Danny Barker brings his Theremin quintet there on Saturday nights-the only night the bar is open): Jax Beer(the great nephew of that old brand’s brewmaster William Ostner has an on premise nano-brewery): and heaping platters of fried chicken from the tiny kitchen run by Leslie Leslie, the lovechild daughter of Austin Leslie (RIP) the man who put Chez Helene, the most famous fried chicken restaurant in the history of New Orleans, on the map.

We’ve had some wild times at Joe’s Cozy Corner but don’t run by there and expect to get in any time soon.

Admission is run on the “Dutch Auction” system and the waiting list to even be allowed to participate in the auction is almost 3 years long.

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