Behold this massive muffaletta purchased in St Bernard Parish at Tag’s Deli then spirited into the Bywater where it was summarily devoured.

This is our favorite muff in the Greater New Orleans area although the Saturday-only one at Terranova Meat Market on Esplanade is a close second.

The Best Muffaletta In New Orleans

The Best Muffaletta In New Orleans

Owner Mickey Michalik was kind enough to break down the ancient lineage of the business that he married into lo those many years ago. It all began in 1948 when Alphonse Taglialavore set up a meat shop in the French Market where his butchery skills were brought to bear.

New Orleans has a rich history of sausage production and Taglialavore was known to be an expert charcutiere. The shop eventually migrated to nearby Chalmette where Michalik continues to ply the family trade today.

We go to Tag’s for butcher paper bundles stuffed with expertly made pork sausage, thick cut steaks and the aforementioned muffaletta that makes Central Grocery into a naked fraud. Tag’s also makes a respectable burger with house ground beef taking a hot ride across an ancient griddle prior to arriving at the mouth of the patron.

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